Minneapolis by the numbers: Tops in STDs

It's a fair bet that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak won't be boasting about this next time he has to give a speech to the Rotary Club: The Minnesota Department of Health has released its 2005 statistical report on the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and the Mill City has swept every category. That's no small feat, given the fact that 2005 was a banner year for bacterial STDs in Minnesota; statewide, according to the report, there were more cases of STDs than ever documented previously. The MDH says that spike is partly attributable to improved monitoring techniques, but concludes that "true increases in the level of disease are most likely the driving factor."

Among the findings: in Minneapolis, there were 717 cases of chlamydia per 100,000 residents. That compares with 598 for St. Paul, 184 for suburbs, and 158 outstate. Minneapolis also lead in incidence of gonorrhea (333 per 100,000 residents), compared to 238 for St. Paul, 46 for the 'burbs, and 22 outstate. For syphillis, Minneapolis had an incidence of 11 cases per 100,000 residents, compared to 2.8 for St. Paul, 0.9 for the burbs, and 0.1 for outstate.

Will Minneapolis retain its dubious distinction as the state's leading outpost of venereal distress? Probably, at least in the near term. But, the report notes, the biggest percentage leaps in chlamydia occured in the 'burbs (9 percent) and outstate (6 percent).

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