Minneapolis bids for 2012 Democratic National Convention

If you thought the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul was entertaining, with its legions of credentialed true believers, cable news performance artists, tear-gassed protesters and Sarah Palin, we have good news: The Democrats want to bring their version of the presidential beauty pageant to Minneapolis in 2012.

Just think, instead of wild-eyed leftie anarchists in the streets protesting the righties, we could have wild-eyed teabaggers and anti-immigration nuts protesting the lefties. Maybe the Hennepin County Attorney could round up and arrest some threatening conservative radicals and jail them for good measure. Call them DNC 8. Good times.

Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reports that Minneapolis has has offered the Target Center, the Metrodome, TCF Bank Stadium and the Minneapolis Convention Center as possible venues for the DNC.

The slogan? "Resourceful, Ready and Reliable."

Why not, "Where all the men are strong, the women good looking, and the children are above average?"

Better yet: "Free Jucy Lucys for everyone!"

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