Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools closed for second straight day

Since your kids will be home again today, perhaps you could put one of these in their hands.
Since your kids will be home again today, perhaps you could put one of these in their hands.

OK. One snow day is fun. Some unscheduled goof-off time. A good excuse to go sledding or turn into a drooling, squinty-eyed fool with the new Call of Duty.

But two days of school canceled in a row in Minneapolis and St. Paul? This is serious business. Out-of-towners will think we're getting soft. In fact, in St. Paul, the mayor isn't pleased.

Chris Coleman tells the AP that thinks city streets are fine, and that closures put unneeded pressure on working parents trying to figure out how to keep an eye on their kids.

Parents in both school districts were notified late last night that classes and activities were canceled.

The blizzard was the biggest snow dump on the city since Halloween 1991, and by most accounts the fifth-largest in the city's history.

They've been working around the clock since Friday, but plow crews can't clear city streets properly because of the sheer tonnage of snow and marooned vehicles.

That means school buses can't navigate the streets on time, and kids could be left stranded at bus stops in weather better suited to polar bears.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak says that snowplow crews have been able to make at least one pass through 95 percent of streets and 100 percent of all city alleys. He figures that's about 1,500 miles.

But it's no good if it's your car that's buried, or your street that's still a quagmire. Got a problem? Call 311.

Some friendly advice to the kids: Finish all those overdue homework assignments, then grab a shovel and start digging.

And a reminder: We are now on Day 2 -- again -- of Snow Emergency parking in Minneapolis. (Full Snow Emergency parking rules here.)

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