Minneapolis and Rochester are millennial wonderlands, says list

Apparently, commuting is a breeze in Minneapolis — one of America's best cities for millennials.

Apparently, commuting is a breeze in Minneapolis — one of America's best cities for millennials.

If you're one of those music-streaming, local-buying millennials marketers are currently infatuated with, you might be living the transit-riding dream in one of two Minnesota cities.

Forbes Magazine, the Pitchfork of the business world(?), published a ranking of the 25 best cities for millennials right now, featuring two loon country towns. Both Minneapolis and Rochester landed on the list, at No. 12 and No. 22 respectively.

Initially compiled by millennial trackers at, the list rated 232 U.S. cities with populations greater than 100,000, gleaning census data on unemployment, median rent, and other factors, and graded each city in areas including access to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, commute ease, and crime and safety.

Minneapolis slotted behind Denver and slightly above hipster meccas Brooklyn; Austin, Texas; and Portland, Ore. The City of Lakes earned A+ marks in the commuting and access to restaurants and coffee shops categories, while 25- to 34-year-olds compose 21 percent of its population, the study says.

However, Minneapolis received a dubious D+ crime and safety grade, lower than the C- that No. 10 New York City pulled.

Expensive and academic Cambridge, Mass., topped the list, followed by Manhattan, as NYC as a whole and its individual boroughs were apparently considered.

While Minneapolis – where by our count, craft breweries and distilleries outnumber nursing homes — might not be an upset pick, Rochester feels like a sleeper. But list makers say its low rents, A+ commutes, and A- restaurant access grade should make Mayo land a better millennial destination than Queens (No. 23) or Chicago (No. 24).

Go figure.

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