Minneapolis again named one of the country's best trick-or-treating cities

Seems Zillow's rankings should also, somehow, factor in the rate of adorable Halloween-ed out houses, like this one.
Seems Zillow's rankings should also, somehow, factor in the rate of adorable Halloween-ed out houses, like this one.
kellyv via Flickr Creative Commons

Every good Halloween requires some geographic strategizing, whether over the rough course of the pub crawl or the blocks to hit for the biggest candy haul. This year, real estate website Zillow has again combed its databases to give enterprising trick-or-treaters a leg up on the latter, and released a list of not only the best cities to go grubbing for sweets, but, for those who aren't hopping on a plane this Halloween, the best neighborhoods. So how do we stack up?

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Minneapolis comes in at 11th on the list, holding onto last year's spot (the first two years that Zillow released its list, we didn't rank). But the best neighborhoods within the city have shuffled: 2011 winner Linden Hills has dropped down to third, replaced by Fulton in first and Lynnhurst in second. Tangletown comes in fourth, and Cedar-Isles-Dean fifth. Begin game-planning accordingly.

Nomadic Lass via Flickr Creative Commons
Not trying to sound ungrateful, and guess "childhood obesity" is a thing, but don't you want to be the house that gives out the king candy bars instead of the minis?

Zillow came to its conclusions by crunching numbers on cities' and neighborhoods' walkability, density, crime rates, and home value (because, as the site's blog notes, "There is a common belief that wealthy neighborhoods are the Holy Grail for harvesting the most Halloween candy." In other words, the mansion-dwellers have no excuse for Snickers minis).

San Francisco, Boston, Honolulu, Seattle, and San Jose top the 20-city list (St. Paul didn't make the cut). But really, seems we should have been higher. L.A., for instance, comes in seventh, and... can you even walk to trick-or-treat in L.A., or do you have to drive from door-to-door?

Other questions: Why do all of San Jose's neighborhoods have names like "Rose Garden," "Willow Glen," and "Evergreen Valley?" What would happen if, as Edina's brainstorming names for its neighborhoods, it took a page from Hololulu's, and christened an area Kuliouou-Kalani Iki?

Things to ponder between drawing your optimal October 31 map. Check out the rest of the country's top neighborhoods for tricks and treats -- and top neighborhood names for a laugh -- over on Zillow's site.

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