Minneapolis 2010-11 snowfall already beats an average winter

Keep digging out. It's a long way until spring.

Keep digging out. It's a long way until spring.

More snow fell in the Twin Cities by the end of January than the annual average for an entire winter.

That hasn't happened in seven years. And it comes after the snowiest December on record.

Feels like it, too, doesn't it? You don't need data points to tell you it's snowy when you have to wear an avalanche beacon to the grocery store.


Could be worse though. Chicago's bracing for two feet of snow today.

We went over the annual average of 55.9 inches with the storm that passed through Sunday and Monday.

Mountains of the stuff are everywhere, and Minneapolis is now under its seventh snow emergency of the season. Usually we have about four. (It's Day 2, folks. Tunnel out to your sidewalks and move those cars.)

We're up to here in snow.

We're up to here in snow.

But we still have a long way to go for an all-time record. Here are the five snowiest winters on record for Minneapolis:

  • 1983-84 98.6 inches
  • 1981-82 95.0 inches
  • 1950-51 88.9 inches
  • 1991-92 84.1 inches
  • 1961-62 81.3 inches

If you look at the graph below from the National Weather Service in Chanhassen, you can see that this year, marked in red, is not measuring up to the record winter of 1983-84, marked in blue.