Minneapolis 13th-best city for dudes, according to Men's Health

Men's Health considers cities chock-full of dudes looking like this to be the best places for guys.
Men's Health considers cities chock-full of dudes looking like this to be the best places for guys.
Jayel Aheram

Minneapolis is the 13th-best city in the country for men, eight spots ahead of St. Paul, according to Men's Health magazine.

The study looked at 100 cities in 35 categories ranging from exercise, employment, and air quality to heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Somehow, the relative abundance of beautiful women (or, if you swing that way, beautiful men) wasn't included as one of the factors.

Men's Health concluded that Burlington, Vermont is the best city for men, in part because obesity rates in the city are so low. Many guys might argue, however, that a high rate of delicious food is more important than the fitness levels of others.

Of course, high rates of delicious food combined with lack of exercise correlates with health problems, so it figures that barbeque-haven Kansas City ranks as the 10th-worst city for those of us with a Y chromosome.

The second-best city is Madison, Wisconsin. Men's Health quotes an assistant coach of the men's basketball team at the University of Wisconsin as saying "the winters are so bad that people would rather play basketball at the gym than football in the snow." Indeed, the magazine found that folks in Madison shoot hoops more often than in 98 of the 100 cities in the study.

Many dudes reading this might be close enough to their college years to consider the frequency of keg stands more important than pick-up hoops, and of course Madison has you covered there too. Burlington and Plano, Texas (the number three city) on the other hand? Not known as keg-stand havens. Clearly this isn't a list for male party animals.

On the flip side, Memphis, Tennessee ranks as the worst city for men. The bottom ten list is rife with old blue-collar cities like Cleveland (7th worst), St. Louis (5th worst), Detroit (4th worst), and Philly (3rd worst).

What about Minneapolis and St. Paul? Well, the article only goes in-depth with the five highest-ranking cities, so we're left conjecturing about why Minneapolis ranked 13th and St. Paul 21st.

My educated guess? Minneapolis isn't a cut above because of the preponderance of hipsters on this side of the river, which many folks might actually view as a negative. Instead, the city's abundance of bike trails, healthy and active dudes, and relatively strong job market pushed Minneapolis's ranking above most every city of comparable size.

As for St. Paul? Well, the Capital City is home to one of Men's Health nominees for "Manliest Restaurant," but the best-city study focused on health, which is somewhat in conflict with the deliciousness of Coney Island hot dogs slathered with meat sauce.

Remember those guys who like food more than fitness? Perhaps there's just a few more of them calling St. Paul home. Either that or Minneapolis dudes are more apt to burn calories by pedaling bikes to the hot dog stand.

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