Minn. town banning tattoo parlors for one year


When the last official tattoo parlor in Carver County's Watertown closed in August, the town decided to make a big move: They banned any tattoo parlor from opening for the next year.

It sounds extreme, and a little anti-tattoo, but officials insist they are anything but. The city hopes to put some regulations in place so that any new tattoo parlor only has licensed artists and better safety standards.

"We have nothing against tattoos," Council Member Rick Mann told the Star Tribune. "We want to protect our citizens."

Minnesota doesn't regulate tattoo parlors or artists, but Hennepin and Anoka counties have their own tattoo regulations. There are about 750 tattoo shops in Minnesota. Right now, anyone who can buy the needles and equipment could be giving you a tattoo in their basement.

The one-year ban will give the city time to set up their new regulations before another tattoo parlor considers setting up shop in town.