Minn. swimming tips: Don't drink the water, avoid the runs


It's almost Fourth of July weekend and that means you'll more than likely be near or in a body of water in the coming days. The Minnesota Department of Health is trying to help you make the most of your swimming experience by not getting terribly sick from that unfortunately disgusting water you're bathing in with too many other people.

So don't spread your nasty illness to others and don't inhale other people's germs. It's really that simple.

Common sense: Germs on or in your body can end up in the water, which then goes into someone else's mouth. Nasty. If you or your children have had diarrhea in the past two weeks, stay clear of any body of water. Even pools can have a tough time clearing the pool of the germs in diarrhea and that's if the pool is actually functioning properly. Make sure to rinse off before diving into the chlorinated goodness. Perfume, lotions, sweat, fecal matter, and other bodily wonders put a strain on pool systems.

And on the flip side, imagine all of the people in that pool or lake that probably are or have been sick recently. Maybe that will stop you from putting any of that water in your mouth for your funny fountain trick. And don't even think about swallowing it.

If you have children, please for the love of God get them to the bathroom frequently and keep diaper waste far from the water. We'll all thank you for it when we can keep our food down and solid in the coming days as we try to celebrate our country's freedom.