Minn. State Fair pigs might actually have swine flu


Remember when we poked fun at all the horny kids spreading H1N1 like candy at the Minnesota State Fair? It looks like the state fair pigs were getting in on the sickness too.

That's right. Pigs from the state fair might have tested positive for H1N1 in a preliminary test, says the USDA. If these results are correct, it would be the first time during this human pandemic that it spread to animals.

Something always has to come along and ruin the state fair. What a bummer.

Officials caution that the results are not confirmed and results will be available in the coming days. They did not give an estimate of pigs infected.

And remember: you cannot get H1N1 from eating pork and pork products. So your boycott would be dumb.

The pigs didn't show any sign of being sick, but officials are looking into a possible spread of the flu from the 4-H kids that were all sick at the fair. No link has been found yet.

The tests came from a CDC research project at the University of Minnesota to show the flu virus in places like state fairs where humans interact regularly with pigs.