Minn. smokers are really stubborn

Minnesota smokers are dealing with the consequences of their fellow smokers who can't seem to figure out how to correctly put out a cigarette so they don't burn down their homes. And boy are they a stubborn bunch. 

On Dec. 1, Minnesota law changed to require all cigarettes to be "fire safe". Common fire-safe cigarette manufacturers wrap the cigarette in three thin bands of less porous paper that act as 'speed bumps' so the cigarette doesn't continue burning when not actively smoked.

Well smokers in Winona don't like to follow rules. 

In Winona, just a quick bridge away from Wisconsin, smokers are crossing the border in search of "normal" cigarettes, says the Winona Daily News

More from WDN:

Customers at several Winona businesses have already voiced complaints about the new design. Ken Siebenaler, owner of Third Street Liquor, said he's heard negative feedback about the cigarettes going out on their own if they're not constantly puffed. 

Minnesota retailers can sell all their existing inventory before switching to the new products, but any cigarettes manufactured for sale in the state must now have fire-safe features and packages must be marked with a "FSC" (fire standard compliant) seal.
We wouldn't be surprised if these "smarter than everyone" smokers are the ones who end up lighting their homes on fire. They are the exact people this law is trying to save. How much effort do we put into that?