Minn. Senate recount: The big day

We unfortunately can't tell you the Al Franken vs. Norm Coleman slap fight is ending tomorrow, but the state Canvassing Board meeting could make or break Franken's chance of winning this election in the end. At least winning it without resorting to the courts or the Senate after the results are finalized. 

The Canvassing Board is meeting tomorrow morning to discuss wrongly rejected absentee ballots, also known as the "Fifth Pile". Election officials across the state have been sifting through absentee ballots to find any that might have been rejected without a valid reason. 

If you want to watch the live video of the meeting (perhaps you need a mid-morning snoozer?) check it out here or here. Coverage starts at 9:30 a.m.

Pioneer Press analysis says there could be 2,000 wrongly rejected ballots. 

The board will also discuss the 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis. The board has to decide whether to use the original count from Election Day or certify the recount results minus the 133 votes. Officials say the votes were counted Election Day, but have since gone missing in an envelope. Officials gave up on the search after it didn't turn up.

This meeting will not address the challenged ballots, which will be discussed next week.