Minn. school dances: No twerking, grinding, bumping allowed


It's prime high school dance season and schools across the state are giving students fair warning about dancing appropriately with their partners, says Minnesota Public Radio. The basic rule: If it looks like something you would do while moaning and naked in a bedroom, don't bother trying it on the dance floor. It's totally vomit-worthy. But in all honesty, if you want to get it on, just get kicked out and find some other place to get naked.

Perhaps the most hilarious and awesome part of this story: MPR has compiled a couple videos that the schools are showing to students to simulate dirty dancing that will not be tolerated. They use Barbie dolls and other random cartoon figurines to model the moves. This cannot be missed.

Watch the MPR video compilation here:

Here is a roundup of some of the school rules in Minnesota when it comes to dancing too close:

Como Park High School: "Students in the video use Ken and Barbie dolls to act out the new no-no's: No bending over too far; keep both feet on the ground; don't dance while propping yourself up against a wall or friend; and don't form a crowd around two people who are grinding."

North St. Paul High School: Their key rule: dancing is to be front-to-front, not front-to-back.

Owatonna High School: Their school is so lame, they don't even have dirty dancing. No rules needed. Are these kids all virgins or what?

South High School in Minneapolis: No twerking, grinding, bumping, walls, windows, and doors. Students must sign a contract that they will follow the rules.