Minn. Republicans, Blue Dogs stand up against Obama health care plan


Standing inside a nearly packed Target Center Saturday afternoon, you'd probably think everyone was in love with President Obama's health care reform plan following his feel-good rally to supporters. Reality is, many people are still fighting against it and some of those nay-sayers are Blue Dog Democrats from Minnesota.

Republicans and some Democrats spoke out this weekend against the plan, citing lack of details or unease with the public option. We've rounded up some of their comments to spoil all the fun you had Saturday, watching Obama with tiny tears running from your eyes. He isn't God, people.

Rep. John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, spoke against Obama's plan during a Republican National Committee conference call. He called it "a plan without any details" that supports concepts rather than specifics.

"We don't know what it is he is selling," Kline said.

The RNC also put out a release following his rally discussing what they believe to be lies, stretches of the truth and misrepresentations from Obama. Check it out here.

Three Minnesota Republicans are proposing a state constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to choose your own health care.

In Minnesota, Obama and other Democratic leaders have one big name to deal with: Rep. Collin Peterson. He is one of the founders of the Blue Dog coalition, a fiscally conservative group of 52 Democrats (mainly rural) that is currently speaking out against the public option in the health care plan.

The Star Tribune has a great piece on Peterson's ideals and the tough role he plays being stuck in the middle of this monstrous tug-of-war.