Minn. recount update: Ramsey County finds 171 ballots

In the last week of the Minnesota recount for the U.S. Senate seat, Ramsey County officials say they found 171 previously uncounted ballots, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The ballots were in a machine that broke and were never fed through a new optical scanner on Election Day. 

Does Al Franken still have a shot at the final win? People are weighing in on the changing numbers.

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The county's Elections Manager Joe Mansky says an optical scan vote counting machine broke down in Maplewood during the initial count. It was replaced, but local election judges didn't run some of the ballots through the new machine.
Franken's recount lawyer Marc Elias said Franken is trailing Norm Coleman by only 50 votes, according to MinnPost. This calculation is based on election judges' calls on ballots at the tables. 

So can Franken pull this off? FiveThirtyEight is recalculating the probability and is now saying Coleman is the slight favorite. The site had previously predicted a Franken win by less than 30 votes. Go to the site for their in-depth calculations based on the more than 90 percent recount completion.