Minn. Recount recap: More counting!

It's a quiet day in Minnesota news when we can't talk about more recount data. Two days with no political news? What are we to do? Shop of course! Since we were chowing down on turkey and cranberry cake yesterday, here is a our daily recap of the recount as of Wednesday night. 

Norm Coleman leads Al Franken by according to the Secretary of State 292 ballots. His lead was 238 on Tuesday. The Star Tribune says Coleman has a 282-vote lead.

FiveThirtyEight is keeping us updated on the campaign ballot challenges.
The Coleman campaign challenged 38.7 ballots for every 10,000 counted today, the Franken campaign 33.8 per 10,000. On the first day of the recount, those rates were 2.5/10,000 and 2.3/10,000 respectively.
These numbers could be very important because both campaigns are claiming the other candidate has more frivolous challenges in the pile. The total number of ballots challenged as of Wednesday is 4,740 with 86 percent of the ballots counted. 

The Star Tribune compiled 599 contested ballots so readers can vote on voter intentions. It's quite the collection. Idea look familiar? The Strib definitely took it up a notch and it looks like they will be adding more. 

The Pioneer Press profiles one absentee voter, Catherine Brigham, who didn't have her vote counted.