Minn. recount complete (sort of)

The Minnesota recount for one U.S. Senate seat is so very close to completion, but not quite there. The last precinct has completed the recount, but we still have some missing ballots and a whole lot of challenged ballots to sort through.

According to the Star Tribune, Norm Coleman holds a 192-vote lead over Al Franken.

Franken says he is still ahead, but only by four votes, according to Minnesota Independent.

The search was on today for 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis. No luck finding them, but other uncounted ballots were discovered, the Pioneer Press says.

While workers didn't come up with the 133, they did find something else: a Ziploc-style bag containing "less than 20" uncounted ballots, said Sarah Martyn Crowell, project coordinator with Citizens for Election Integrity, a non-partisan group monitoring the recount. The uncounted ballots appear to be from overseas absentee voters. This is from Ward 8, Precinct 7.

Reichert said she doesn't know if those ballots will be counted. "It's not unusual when you go through precinct materials to find stuff, although it would have been better if we didn't find that,'' she said.
At the end of today's recount, Coleman's campaign released the following statement from campaign manager Cullen Sheehan:

"With Wright County completing its recount, an important phase of the Great Minnesota Recount has ended. While we are pleased that we remain ahead in this recount, we want to give our thanks and appreciation for all Minnesota's local election officials for their commitment to a fair, legal and transparent process. We are confident that when the Canvassing Board begins meeting on December 16th and ultimately completes its work, that Norm Coleman will continue to be ahead, and will be re-elected to the United States Senate. This recount process showed the best of Minnesota with the commitment of election officials to do their best to give the best possible result for the citizens of the state."