Minn. recognized on sitcom map, gives us something to be proud of


Hey, at least we've got something going for us. We made it on the Sitcom Map of the United States! In other words, we have some pop culture cred and that's how one places value these days. The map shows where major U.S. sitcoms are set.

Yes, we made it on the map for The Mary Tyler Moore show. The show centers on Mary Richards who moves to Minneapolis when she is 30 and newly single. She applies for a job at a TV station and ends up an associate producer.

The show wasn't really filmed here, but the house used for exterior shots is still around and is often visited by tourists. It's located at 2104 Kenwood Parkway in Minneapolis in case you were interested in paying a visit.

Here is the sitcom map, found via Jossip. Visit the site for more information and the full version of the map.