Minn. pot-bellied pig gang on destructive rampage


There's a new gang in town and it's not one to be messed with. A growing gang of feral pot-bellied pigs is starting to wreak havoc in western Minnesota and officials who are trying to track them down can't seem to find these obese creatures who are notorious for keeping their group out of sight.

Pot-bellied pigs are weird and frightening even as pets, but imagine a group of more than a dozen roaming wild and destroying any property in their path. We've got quite the situation on our hands.

When we think of pot-bellied pigs, usually kept as pets, we imagine these freaky owners who somehow find these fat snorting beasts lovable like a furry puppy.


Don't be fooled. When these pigs run away or are illegally let loose by their owners, they turn scary. Officials estimate this gang could number 25 to 50 and is likely reproducing in the wild.

More from the Star Tribune:

"It's just really, really bad news,'' said Steve Merchant of the Department of Natural Resources. "They can be very destructive to native plants and wildlife habitat, and they carry diseases that can affect wildlife and livestock. We're definitely concerned. We want to get them out of there.''

Wildlife officials from Minnesota and South Dakota recently flew near the lake, which straddles the Minnesota-South Dakota border, searching for the pigs.

"We didn't find them,'' said Curt Vacek, DNR area wildlife manager in Appleton. The last confirmed sighting was in January when a coyote hunter reported seeing "at least two dozen'' pigs, Vacek said.

Pot-bellied pigs can grow to 300 pounds and wild ones can often carry pseudo-rabies and brucellosis. One carcass officials saw weighed nearly 100 pounds and had 4-inch tusks. Horrifying, right?

So horrifying that these evil beings don't have any predators in the wild. The coyotes might attack piglets, but they aren't likely to take on a 300-pound monstrosity unless they were desperate.