Minn. New Year's Eve: Only 28 drunk drivers arrested by State Patrol?

There must have been a lot of idiot drunk drivers thanking their lucky stars this weekend when they made it home safe and without a DWI New Year's Eve. The Minnesota State Patrol announced that they arrested 28 people on suspicion of drunk driving from 6 a.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday.

More from the Star Tribune:
The number of drunken-driving arrests is low enough to suggest drivers might be heeding the prominent holiday warnings about the perils of drinking and driving, said Lt. Mark Peterson. 
"People are still making bad choices," he said. "We will discourage people who decide to party and get behind the wheel of a car." 
On New Year's Eves in 2005, 2006 and 2007, the State Patrol reported 11 traffic deaths, three of which related to alcohol. Of 29 serious injuries, seven involved alcohol. Total drunken-driving arrests by all agencies on those three year-ending nights came to 1,039.
The State Patrol thinks more people are finding sober rides home, but we suspect more are just getting away with it. Only 28 people busted by the State Patrol in all of Minnesota? Seriously? This number does not include every agency in the state, which will be a better representation of drunk driving on our roads. 

We'd like to imagine that drivers are getting smarter, but it's highly doubtful. Next time just call someone to drive your car home for the same price as a cab plus $15. It's classy and your jail mug won't be circulated through work email.