Minn. mom blames murder on 3-year-old son, then confesses


A 25-year-old northern Minnesota mom apparently thought she could point the finger at her 3-year-old son when the child's father was found fatally shot in the back. You can't trust toddlers these days, after all. Then she allegedly realized how ridiculous that sounded and confessed to the crime.

That's according to prosecutors in Beltrami County District Court. Betsy M. Hanks is charged with second-degree intentional murder in the death of the father of her children in their home.

According to the charges, Hanks and 27-year-old Matthew D. Albert had argued the night before when he accused her of being involved with another man. She says his claims were false.

The next morning, she called 911, claiming she found her partner shot in the head in their bed. She claims she had sent two of their kids off to school that morning and left with the 3-year-old boy. Albert stayed home with their 18-month-old.

When police questioned her about her partner's death, she initially said he kept a pistol near the bed and she saw their 3-year-old son playing with it when the gun went off. She tried to take it from him, but it was too late. Later though, prosecutors say she admited to killing Albert before leaving the house that morning. She threw the gun in a swamp and later showed authorities where it was.

And why did she do it? She says she wanted to give her kids a better father. Oh right. Because their mother is top-tier material.