Minn. medical marijuana bill advances in Senate

Minn. medical marijuana bill advances in Senate
Photo by chmee2

Medical marijuana continues to advance at the Minnesota Capitol, but don't get your hopes up quite yet. Gov. Tim Pawlenty still stands as a huge speed bump before this bill turns into law.

Either way, the bill continues to get support from Minnesota legislators. The Senate Health and Human Services Budget Division advanced the bill today on a voice vote, says Minnesota Public Radio.

If the bill survive, patients with debilitating medical conditions could get a prescription for medical marijuana. There would be registered suppliers or patients could grow their own plants.

Sen. Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing, is the main author of the legislation. There is a similar bill in the Minnesota House that has traction.

Unfortunately Pawlenty says he is strongly opposed to the bill. Could someone invite T-Paw over for a night of bong hits and Big Lebowski? Maybe he would change his mind.

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