Minn. man busted with mobile pot crop

After a Nebraska trooper pulled over a Minnesota man following a report of an erratic driver on Interstate 80 Wednesday, the officer discovered a mobile pot crop. We'd really like to know why this man thinks his car would be a safer place to grow pot than the privacy of his home. What's the chance of having your house raided compared to getting pulled over by police? C'mon people.

David Herman, 56, was pulled over near Grand Island, Nebraska. During a search of the man's car, the trooper found seven large jars with 18 packages of medicinal marijuana. They also found a rubberized storage bin with marijuana plans growing in the trunk. The bin had a fan, thermometer, and fluorescent light. High tech.

Herman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, marijuana manufacture, and possession. We'd like to imagine this man is a spreading medical marijuana to all that need it. You've got to be mobile to really get the job done.

A commenter pointed us to the photos of the mobile pot crop. Check it out here.

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