Minn. man attacked by bobcat while hanging out with pet ducks, goose


A 52-year-old Hermantown man wasn't expecting much out of his Friday evening. Just a relaxing night hanging out in his garage with his 11 pet ducks and one goose.

Gary Lucia was working on his laptop computer when he says a bobcat entered the garage around 11 p.m. and went after him and his pets.

The ducks and goose "started quaking really loud and getting really nervous," Lucia told the Duluth News Tribune.

More from DNT:

"He started to go after the ducks and they scattered," said Lucia, who described the cat as about 80 pounds, muscular, gray and brown in coat and with a short tail. "He pinned a few [ducks] in a corner and that is when I went after the cat. I came in from the side and that is when he came after me. Then we chased each other and he climbed on the walls and onto the overhead door. I don't know if he bit me in the head or clawed me, but I was bleeding pretty good."
A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said his 80-pound estimate is a little high, with a large bobcat weighing about 45 pounds. But the story was believable anyway.

The saddest part of the story: His prized goose, Boo Boo, is probably dead. Boo Boo is a Blue Swedish Goose that won the Pets on Parade award for ugliest pet in May.

You know how people have dogs?" Lucia told DNT with tears in his eyes. "He was my dog. I would bring him down to Canal Park with a leash on him. ... I get emotional thinking about it."

Maybe it was for the best. It's not always fun being the ugliest pet in town.