Minn. Internet poker lives on... for now


Minnesota regulators trying to stop online poker sites have failed in their attempt to make Internet service providers to block access to the sites. At least for now.

After Minnesota officials demanded ISPs block access to online gambling sites, the gambling industry fought back with a lawsuit calling the demand a violation of federal commerce and free-speech protections. Now state officials say they are taking back their demand and will try again some other time.

Earlier this year, we called "bullshit" on this ridiculous attempt. Told you so.

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More from the Associated Press:

"Broadly, it's a victory for Internet rights," said Joe Brennan Jr., the industry group's chairman. A Minnesota spokesman for the Poker Players Alliance, which had campaigned loudly against the enforcement action, didn't immediately return a message.

The online gambling trade group sought a federal injunction in early May, claiming the state notice was not legally valid.

"Whether or not IMEGA ultimately would have prevailed in court is unknown," said John Willems of the state's Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division in a letter to Internet providers.

The state was trying to use a federal telecommunications law from 1961 that restricted phones calls made for wagering. Legal experts debated whether this law could be applied to the Internet too.