Minn. idiots charged with stealing head of mechanical gorilla

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Minnesota idiots charged after allegedly stealing head of mechanical gorilla

Two Minneapolis men have been charged with misdemeanor theft after they allegedly stole the head of a mechanical gorilla at an Appleton, Wis., business. Police received an anonymous tip about the men and authorities found the gorilla head prominently displayed at their apartment. The gorilla had been displayed for 15 years outside Balloon Magic, but the head disappeared last Thanksgiving Day.

West Coast snowboarders busted for urban riding in St. Paul

When police busted six men for urban snowboarding in St. Paul, they had already created quite the course. A witness said they set up a 6-foot tower, connected a wooden ramp along a 2-foot ledge and then jumped 20 to 30 feet onto railroad tracks below. When the concerned witness asked what they were doing, he said they responded, "Eff you, eff this. We can do whatever we want. This is our job." The men said they were filming a video for their snowboarding company.

Mayor Coleman hopes City Council won't ruin Central Corridor plan

What a waste of time all of this would have been if the St. Paul City Council puts a stop to the Central Corridor. Mayor Chris Coleman is confident they won't destroy it.

Is Petters associate in government witness protection program?

A new twist in the alleged multi-billion Ponzi scheme run by Minnesota businessman Tom Petters: One of his associates may be in the government's witness security program. Petters' attorneys filed a motion asking whether Larry Reynolds, the Los Angeles businessman who pleaded guilty in the case, is in the witness protection program.

More women come forward about boob groping at nail salon

Yesterday we reported on the husband of a nail salon owner who allegedly groped the breasts of women while they were at the business for manicures or pedicures. Five more women have since come forward alleging similar instances occurred.