Minn. exit polls: Obama and Franken up (don't trust it)


Gawker published exit polls that are good news for Barack Obama and Al Franken. But again, exit polls are terrible and shouldn't be trusted. But it's impossible not to look. It's like a really bad car crash.

See the Minnesota results below. Just don't trust them.

Obama up: MN 56-39 National 54-44

Gawker doesn't trust this exit poll (says they are absurd) because of Sen. Norm Coleman. The exit polls show Coleman down by 12 points.

The rest:

GA 47-51

FL 52-49

IA 58-42

IN 52-48

MI 60-39

MN 56-39


NC 52-48

NH 57-43

NM 56-43

NV 55-45

OH 54-45

PA 57-42

VA 55-45

WV 45-55

WI 58-42

National 54-44