Minn. DFL proposes increasing taxes on all things that matter


In the proposal announced today by Minnesota Democrats, the legislators have come up with the genius idea of taxing all things that really matter in life: booze, cigarettes, and rich people.

Seriously, folks. When do we say enough is enough? Apparently when your state has a $4.6 billion deficit, the best option is to tax the sinners.

Here's a rundown of the proposal:

Cigarette taxes would go up another 54 cents a pack. Alcohol would cost an extra three to five cents a drink. The richest Minnesotans would have the highest tax rates in the country: 9 percent.

The rich Minnesotans who would be screwed by higher taxes: :$300,000 of adjusted gross income for joint filers, $169,700 for single filers and $255,000 for heads of household."

The DFL says income taxes for most lower and lower-middle income Minnesotans would decrease. While their idea is worth talking about, it's not likely to succeed in the Legislature. Pawleny has vowed to veto any tax increases this session.