Minn. DFL accidentally sends out foul-mouthed grandma to counter Pawlenty speech


While the Minnesota DFL was trying to thoughtfully counter Gov. Tim Pawlenty's speech before the Republican National Committee Thursday, they sent out a cussing grandma video along with their talking points. Whoops. It appears all the media who received the email find the swearing grandma more interesting than whatever points they had to make about Pawlenty.

The email contained links to supposed related content, but no one at the DFL checked the links and media professionals were sent to a grandma trying to learn English and being taught how to swear like a real lady.

At least it made a typical press release war somewhat interesting for once, but the DFL is quite embarrassed by their mistake.

The first news release came out at 4:11 p.m. with what looked like a straightforward Democratic response to Pawlenty's speech. If you decided to click on the related links on the bottom of the page, you were in for quite a surprise. A Chinese grandma learning English! A totally appropriate response to Pawlenty's yawn of a speech.

The link was supposed to go to this data, but took readers to this clip instead:

The DFL quickly realized their mistake and sent out another message from the depuy communications director: "Kristin Sosanie would like to recall the message, 'DFL Party's Statement on Governor Pawlenty's Speech to the RNC.'"

So journalists get curious and start digging around in the email, which they probably never bothered to fully read in the first place. Ten minutes later, a corrrected release came out with the following message: "The previous version of this release contained an incorrect and inappropriate link. We did not check the links before the release was sent. We apologize for this error."

Andy O'Leary, the Minnesota DFL executive director apologized later that evening:

"We made a mistake -- a regrettable, inappropriate mistake for which we apologize," he said. "This is not indicative of the work we do at the DFL.

"The link was from outside research that we did not check before hitting 'send.' Rest assured, nobody at the DFL was sitting around viewing those types of YouTube clips."

We'd like to suggest that all press releases now include links to good YouTube clips. Maybe then we would actually be excited to open them.