Minn. Democrats file FEC complaint against Coleman

The Minnesota DFL filed a Federal Election Commission complaint yesterday against Norm Coleman, alleging he broke campaign finance laws during the U.S. Senate recount fundraising. The DFL says Coleman accepted corporate funds, exceeded contribution limits and didn't file required disclosure forms. 

Something smells a little fishy here and we don't like it.

According to the complaint (PDF), the Republican National Lawyers Association has been allegedly raising funds for Coleman's recount fund illegally. 

A NewsMax story titled "Stop Al Franken From Stealing the Election" contains the following link:  

You can help stop Al Franken by supporting the Republican National Lawyers Association -- Go Here Now

This link connects readers to RNLA, where they can choose to donate up to $5,000. The DFL says this is illegal as election laws only allow people to donate up to $2,300 per election. Corporations are also not allowed to donate directly to elections. 

The complaint also alleges that RNLA is not registered as a political committee with the FEC and both groups have not reported any donations if they have received them.

The other side of this argument could be just as bad. What if NewsMax is fooling readers and not donating the money to Coleman at all? What's really worse here? Or is this just a Democratic publicity stunt to continue to beat down a guy when he's down?