Minn. couple gives Chris Brown a post-beating stimulus


Chris Brown can pathetically apologize for beating Rihanna till she was black and blue, but we guarantee the Minnesota couple's epic wedding procession YouTube sensation did him more good than he could have ever hoped for.

We all know as we watch that video that Brown is a lady beater, but somehow that horrific image disappears as that joyous wedding party boogies down the aisle. And we're not the only people who feel that way. People are flooding YouTube trying to get their hands on Brown's song that made that wedding entrance so perfect.

If you haven't seen the original video, check it out here. The couple has disabled embedding of the video.

Brown tried to save himself with his embarrassing half-apology that totally flopped:

The song featured in the clip, Brown's "Forever," is now No. 7 on the iTunes Top Singles list and No. 3 over at Amazon. The Idolator hit the nail on the head:

Considering that this clip has done more for Brown's troubled career as a pop star than his apology regarding his February domestic-violence incident with Rihanna, I'd think that the happy couple deserves at least a KitchenAid mixer, no?
Talk about a post-beating stimulus.