Minn. apparently has a lot of clunkers


We already knew our state was full of really shitty vehicles. Can you really blame us? People run their vehicles into the ground, or at least until they stop dispensing any sort of wintertime heat because there's really no point in driving anything better. After a couple winters of salt and sand and frigid temps, any new car looks pretty roughed up.

But no one can resist a good hunk of cash for their junker either. No wonder Minnesota is one of the top-5 states in the country requesting to junk their clunker for something better. No one can deny the joy of feeling purely elitist and earth friendly as you tool around in your new Prius.

Minnesota has had $26 million in federal rebate requests in just the last week since the start of the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Drivers can give up their low-mileage car for a rebate check to buy a new car with better mileage. Depending on how terrible your old car is, and the mileage on your new ride, you can receive up to $4,500 toward your purchase.

Minnesota ranks No. 4 in the country for requests behind Michigan, Ohio, and California, according to data from Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Minnesota has been seeing some glitches in the request system, but Klobuchar says they should be fixed soon.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ensured that Minnesota's 10-day car registration grace period won't be a problem and the approval process will be adjusted to adhere to that system.

The program has been so popular that the $1 billion set aside for the program is almost gone. The U.S. Senate can add another $2 billion to the program and will likely vote on the additional funding this week.