Minn. and nation's most trusted newscaster: Jon Stewart?

Time magazine conducted an unscientific poll of the nation's most trusted newscaster now that Walter Cronkite is dead. As if we should be shocked, Jon Stewart pulled in the most nationwide with 44 percent of the vote. He is also Minnesota's most trusted newscaster with 45 percent of the vote.

Of course this is incredibly unscientific (only 121 votes from Minnesota), but we can see these numbers being at least somewhat accurate in the larger picture. It's a depressing turn for media, we know. Either way, Cronkite is probably rolling in his grave right about now. Stewart has long insisted that his show is satire and not meant to be taken as serious news, but we have to admit we can be pretty well-informed if we keep up with his work.

One question: What the heck is up with Iowa?