Minn. absentee ballot pile like Al Capone's vault. Fail.


Local election officials opened more than 1,500 previously rejected absentee ballots in hopes of finding the golden ticket: voter registration cards inside the envelope.

Well that was a lot of hype and no hurrah. Just 84 of them fit the mold. That won't get Norm Coleman his seat back, that's for sure.

The Pioneer Press compared the revealing to that of Geraldo Rivera cracking open Al Capone's vault. Completely lame and disappointing.

More from the PiPress:

A three-judge panel overseeing a lawsuit over the race ordered the ballots to be opened and inspected for voter registration cards, but local election officials found cards in just 84 of them, the Secretary of State's office said Monday -- not enough to be a game-changer in Norm Coleman's quest to close Democrat Al Franken's 225-vote lead in the U.S. Senate race.

When absentee voters fill out a ballot, they are instructed to put it inside a secrecy envelope, and to put that envelope in a second envelope with their voter registration card, if needed. Some voters mistakenly put the registration card inside the secrecy envelope. Their ballots have never been counted because they were rejected before being opened.

On Feb. 26, the panel ordered more than 1,500 of those ballots to be opened.

Where else can Coleman hope to find some votes? He's running out of options.