Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. brings his women-mocking, prison-loving act to Minneapolis this weekend

Sheriff David A. Clarke is among Donald Trump's favorite black cowboy hat wearing sheriffs who hates protesters and loves prisons.

Sheriff David A. Clarke is among Donald Trump's favorite black cowboy hat wearing sheriffs who hates protesters and loves prisons.

There's a new sheriff in bro country come Saturday night.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. will be the keynote speaker for a "Celebration of Law and Order" to be held at the Mansion at Uptown on Hennepin Avenue.

Hosting the event is, a fledgling nonprofit made up of "pro-liberty activists" who are all about less-is-more politics.

Except when it comes to law enforcement. In those cases, less liberty and more government is always good -- but still never enough.

"Sheriff Clarke fits the character of the type of speaker we were looking for," says RightWay spokesperson Andy Noble. "We think he's a positive representative of the law enforcement community as well as a symbolic figure nationally."

Clarke's reputation precedes his arrival in Minneapolis. 

The 60-year-old law and order professional has worked as Milwaukee County's highest ranking cop since 2002. He likes cowboy hats. He's a devout disciple of President Donald Trump as well as a serial purveyor of alternative facts. And perhaps above all, he loves social media almost as much as heavily fortified borders.



Clarke took to Twitter earlier this month when he was in Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration. It was there he encountered participants of the Women's March. Clarke called it "a total freak show."    



He'd also call the demonstration "a total collapse of the social order."

Like, totally total.

Although there are plenty of lowlights in between, just Thursday he waxed poetic, arguing that prisons deliver greater returns on taxpayer money than schools.



Clarke arrives in Minneapolis at a time when he's the subject of a harassment investigation by Milwaukee County officials.

On January 15, Clarke allegedly had a run-in with another passenger on an outbound American Airlines flight from Dallas. According to the complaint filed by 24-year-old Dan Black, he and Clarke had an uncomfortable exchange prior to takeoff.

Black couldn't tell for sure if the man wearing Dallas Cowboys shwag was the Milwaukee County Sheriff. After all, he was wearing a Cowboys baseball hat, and not Clarke's trademark Stetson.

Clarke confirmed that he was the sheriff.

Black responded by shaking his head.

Once each had gotten to their seats at the rear of the plane, Clarke allegedly asked Black if he had a problem. No problem, Black replied.

Not until they landed, anyway. Upon deplaning in Milwaukee, Black says he was met at the gate by six sheriff's deputies and two dogs, all of whom were accompanied by Clarke. After 15 minutes of questioning, Black says he was escorted out of the terminal.

Clarke has ripped the probe, calling it a "fake" news story and a politically motivated "witch hunt."

On Wednesday he had choice words for Black.

"Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out," read the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Facebook page. "The sheriff said he does not have to wait for some goof to assault him. He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault."

Keep that in mind, just in case you happen to join Sheriff Clarke for his return flight to Milwaukee.

There's still time for anyone interested in reserving a spot to see Clarke speaking live Saturday night. While the $350 and $500 tickets are sold out, $35 and $100 seats are available.