Millennials now outnumber Boomers in Minnesota

Chart courtesy of Minnesota Compass
Chart courtesy of Minnesota Compass

Millennials -- the generational cohort that embodies people aged 14 to 33 -- now outnumber Boomers (and all other generations) in Minnesota.

The news comes via Minnesota Compass, which crunched the numbers in response to all the attention Millennials have been getting from the media lately.

There are 1.5 million Millennials in Minnesota, compared to 1.3 million Baby Boomers, who represent 25 percent of the state population.

Compass also dug into the demographic info, determining that 1 in 4 Millennials in Minnesota is a person of color, and they rank No. 2 for voter turnout, putting the lie to the notion that they are lazy or disconnected from their communities.

Unfortunately, it appears Millennials aren't getting their fair share of good jobs. In 2013, the median salary for workers aged 16-19 was down 21% compared to 1980, and for ages 20-24 it was down 23%.

No wonder raising the state minimum wage has recently become an issue.

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