Mile High Club now servicing the Twin Cities

Your chariot awaits.

Your chariot awaits.

Good news for germophobes and prudes who are too good to get it on in a disgusting commercial airplane bathroom.

According to a post on Minneapolis Craigslist, one local pilot is offering the opportunity to privately fly some very friendly skies.

"Join the Mile High Club!" the ad reads. "Cross an item off your bucket list!"


For the surprisingly low price of $300, the "discreet and professional" pilot will steer a six-seater Piper airplane to 7,500 feet (which is actually almost a mile-and-a-half up). Up there in the rare air he will tool around for about 45 minutes, giving his passengers the opportunity and altitude to earn their membership.

Those new full body TSA scanners will finally play the role they were born to play -- foreplay!

Apparently, this is not a new concept. There's the "Boom Boom Plane" out of Chicago, Exstacy Air in Michigan, and Mile High Atlanta. These slightly more professional looking outfits provide a bed, champagne and souvenir sheets.

Our local version seems ever so slightly sketchier, given that it's being offered on Craigslist. But so long as there aren't cameras secreted in the overhead compartment, it should be OK, right?