Mike Struck's family deserves 10x pension, Gov. Dayton proposes

Dayton wants the state to do the right thing.

Dayton wants the state to do the right thing.

Michael Struck was killed in the line of duty, and all his family gets is a lousy $191 per month?

The 39-year-old MnDOT worker drowned in Seven Mile Creek last week when strong currents pulled his backhoe into the water. Struck was attempting to clear a culvert to prevent flooding.

Today, Gov. Mark Dayton proposed special legislation that would increase tenfold the pension going to Struck's family: wife Amber and two children ages six and four.


"Mike Struck gave his life in service of the people of Minnesota," Dayton said through a statement. "It would be shameful to leave his widow and her two young children with a pension of less than $2,300 a year."

Dayton's bill would increase the pension that goes to Struck's widow to almost $2,000 a month--about the pay that would go to the family of a state patrol officer killed on the job.

The bill is expected to be introduced with bipartisan support.

Struck was a nine-year MnDoT veteran and 13-year volunteer firefighter in his town of Cleveland, where he'd received an award for saving the life of a jogger who went into cardiac arrest.

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