Mike Parry says Governor Dayton is a drug addict, pops "15 or 16 pills" during meetings [VIDEO]

Parry, speaking yesterday to about 140 Brown County MNGOPers.
Parry, speaking yesterday to about 140 Brown County MNGOPers.

:: UPDATE :: Mike Parry doubles down on Gov. Dayton pill-popper accusation: Top 10 tweets

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Minnesota Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca, is no stranger to creating controversy with his mouth. In 2010, he characterized President Obama as a "Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man," then this spring, he suggested he'd like to keep American troops deployed oversees until the domestic economy improves, to cite a couple of examples.

But during a speech yesterday evening to the Brown County MNGOP, Parry may have outdone himself. In making the case that preserving the MNGOP's House and Senate majorities is of paramount importance, Parry characterized Gov. Mark Dayton as a drug addict who pops "15 or 16 pills when you're having a meeting."

Here's a partial transcript of Parry's remarks, followed by the raw footage. Parry makes the pill-popper remark at about the 2:40 mark:

I don't know if you understand how important this majority is. Seriously.

I sat across from Governor Dayton. This is a scary man for the state of Minnesota. I negotiated with him -- I asked him to resign.

[Dayton is] the most liberal governor in the U.S. When you sit across from him and you watch him pop 15 to 16 pills when you're having a meeting, it's scary. We all know how scary Obama is -- he's at the same level.

We have got to take the majority in the House and Senate. There are no ifs, buts, or ands about it.

Tina Flint Smith, Governor Dayton's chief of staff, responded to Parry's comments on Twitter. She wrote: "Having trouble even remembering Parry at a negotiation. Fabrications abound when the facts are against you. #inconsequential"

Parry, of course, will face former state Rep. Allen Quist August 14 in a GOP primary, with the winner advancing to challenge U.S. Rep. Tim Walz for his First District congressional seat. Unscientific polling recently indicated that Parry is polling both behind Quist and "Neither," so perhaps his stunning Dayton remarks are somehow calculated to get him back in the race.

Either that, or the guy just has a penchant for cramming his foot so far into his mouth that it ends up where the sun don't shine.

And, in fairness, if we had to deal with folks like Parry on a daily basis, we'd probably find ourselves popping a couple 13 14 pills too, and then washing them down with the strongest drink around.

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