Mike Parry polling behind "Neither" two weeks before 1st District GOP primary

Parry trails "Neither" in the 1st District GOP preposterous statement contest primary.
Parry trails "Neither" in the 1st District GOP preposterous statement contest primary.

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His opponent, Allen Quist, has recently been under fire for not telling the truth about a 1994 interview where he said men are genetically predisposed to dominate over women, and for telling inconsistent stories about the time he entered a Mankato adult bookstore and proceeded to "research" the store's glory holes and semen-stained floors.

So one would think state Sen. Mike Parry might be a little more popular than he apparently is with Mankato Free Press readers.

Last Friday, the Free Press posted an unscientific poll asking readers, "Which candidate do you favor to face Tim Walz for Minnesota's 1st District Congressional seat?"

Here's some good news for Quist -- 51 percent of the 284 people who participated in the poll as of yesterday evening want to see Walz face the man ex-foe Arne Carlson recently described as "really bizarre." Running in second, with 28 percent of the vote, is Neither.

In third place, behind Neither, is Parry, favored by 20 percent of the poll's respondents.

So it appears Free Press readers would rather see the 1st District adopt a one-party rubber-stamp system than allow the winner of the August 14 primary square off against Walz.

Here's the complete poll results:

Now, if Parry and this Neither guy could just combine forces, then we'd have a real race...

-- Hat-tip to Bluestem Prairie --

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