Mike Parry doubles down on Governor Dayton pill-popper accusation: Top 10 tweets

Parry continues to claim he saw Dayton pop 15 or 16 pills during a meeting.
Parry continues to claim he saw Dayton pop 15 or 16 pills during a meeting.

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Mike Parry won't apologize for calling Gov. Mark Dayton a drug addict. Instead, he's doubling down.

That's right kids -- Parry is standing by his claim that Dayton pops "15 or 16" pills during meetings. And, as you'd imagine, the Twitter-sphere isn't letting the U.S. Congress hopeful get away with uttering such seemingly preposterous statements without giving him grief in return. Below the jump, we take a look at the top 10 Twitter responses to Parry's surprising double-down.

10. Dayton responded to Parry's remarks this morning:

9. But Parry, asked to clarify his remarks, wouldn't back down:

8. Bob Hume, Dayton's deputy chief of staff, pointed out that Parry was embodying the height of hypocrisy in accusing the governor of being anti-veteran:

7. MNGOP Rep. John Kriesel, a veteran himself, took fellow veteran Parry to task:

6. After responding to the substance of Parry's allegation, Dayton blasted him:

5. Mike, man, you're just not helping yourself here:

4. MinnPost's David Brauer points out that Dayton's pill stash probably would have been in high demand at last night's Brown County MNGOP get-together:

3. The record doesn't seem to help Parry out either:

2. Allen Quist is enjoying an unfamiliar side of a preposterous statement fiasco:

1. But you know who's really having fun? Tim Walz.

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