Mike McFadden's first major TV ad sparks "groin gate" debate [VIDEO]

McFadden has apparently nailed down the all-important youth football player vote.
McFadden has apparently nailed down the all-important youth football player vote.
Nuts or guts? That's the question.

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Mike McFadden's first ad, in which he touts how he once took out his son's stitches with his own hands because he was too cheap to take him to the doctor, left us scratching our proverbial head. His second offering has us Googling about hair transplants because we've just about scratched away all the damn stuff.

The spot, which according to the Strib is McFadden's "first broadcast ad" and will run on four local stations, culminates with the candidate getting punched by a child in his guts. Or was it actually his nuts?

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Without further ado, here's the video:

Controversy over which part of McFadden's anatomy the kid actually punched sparked "groin gate" on Twitter:

But the McFadden campaign sought to clarify that Mike was punched in the gut, not the nuts:

We have our doubts about Erickson's comment -- after all, whose voice gets all high like that after getting hit in the gut? -- but in any event, it probably should be noted that according to the Strib, McFadden shares a media consultant with the woman featured in this memorable memorable political spot out of Iowa:

Sigh... In this day and age of American politics, apparently any attention is good attention. That's the assumption Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls are running with, at least.

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