Mike McFadden's beautiful "Believe in a Better Minnesota" photo is actually of Canada


GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Mike McFadden has been taking a lot of fire from local Democrats recently. Yesterday, he got some national attention, though it's not really the sort he wants.

The reason? BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski did some digging and discovered the scenic banner photo McFadden is using on his website and social media accounts actually wasn't taken in Minnesota.

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The image at the top of this post is a screengrab of McFadden's Facebook. Here's how the same photo looked on his website:


It could've been worse -- at least it wasn't taken in Wisconsin. Instead, it appears the shot is of Agawa Bay in Ontario, just across the border from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Here's a soothing video clip showing the same Canadian bay from McFadden's photo:


Of course, this isn't exactly the stuff of Watergate. Reached for comment yesterday, McFadden spokesman Tom Erickson shrugged it off and used the opportunity to take a shot at Al Franken.

"We're not a typical campaign -- we admit making a mistake," Erickson says. "We wish Al Franken would admit he made a mistake when he voted for Obamacare."

Within an hour or so of us speaking with Erickson, the banner image on McFadden's website and social media accounts had been changed:

Here's the website's new look:

And Facebook:

We have to imagine McFadden's campaign made sure to pick a photo that's actually of Minnesota this time around -- right?

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