Mike McFadden blames Franken for Nicaraguan-made campaign shirts

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden talks a lot about the importance of jobs. For instance, in recent weeks, he's said things like, "Senator [Franken] along with President Obama have waged a war on jobs in this country," and, "I've created jobs. That's what I do. I have a record of 20 years of doing that, and I look forward to that conversation."

So eyebrows were raised when McFadden's campaign distributed shirts at the MNGOP convention in Rochester that were made in Nicaragua.

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Here's the shirt:

In case your Spanish isn't quite up to snuff, here's another look at the tag:

And here's a bunch of prominent Republicans proudly wearing the shirt around the convention:
-- Kurt Bills (@KurtBills) May 31, 2014 We contacted the McFadden campaign about the shirts. According to spokesman Tom Erickson, McFadden's shirts are typically made by a Minnesota company named Realm Promotions. He even passed along this photo for proof:

So what explains the orange Nicaraguan shirts that Republicans were wearing around the convention?

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Turns out, the Nicaraguan shirts are Obama and Franken's fault, at least according to what Erickson tells us.

"We needed just 50 shirts on one-day notice for the state convention," he says. "It was hard to find the shirts we wanted on short notice, especially with the Obama-Franken war on jobs forcing more and more companies to move overseas."

A DFL source, on the other hand, linked "Shirt-gate" with reports that the investment bank McFadden worked for as co-CEO, Lazard Middle Market, was hired to advise companies that subsequently cut workers or moved jobs overseas on at least three occasions.

The Nicaraguan-made shirts also drew a rebuke from the Al Franken campaign.

"Looks like Minnesotans are finally learning the specifics about McFadden's jobs plan -- too bad it's for workers in Nicaragua," campaign spokesperson Alexandra Fetissoff tells us. "We're proud that the Franken Campaign T-shirts are union-made right here in the USA."

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