Mike James is a real charmer on Supernanny

So the Wolves have won three out of their last four games (and that one loss was an epic thirty-point collapse against Dallas) but I've got my mind on more important things. Like Mike James, the ball-hogging point guard who, with his petulance, arrogance and terrible shooting, helped usher in the end of the Kevin Garnett era. 

In case you missed it, James and his shockingly sweet, attractive family showed up on "Supernanny" a few weeks ago. Guess what: he comes off as petulant and arrogant, not to mention incredibly insecure. 

Highlights are an offhand reference to his massive mansion's "gentlemen's room" (shudder) and when, in a fit of defensiveness, he asks Supernanny Jo, "How come your two plus two always gotta equal four and nobody else know how to do math?" The man could always turn a phrase. 

Here's the first part:

If you've got the stomach for more, you can check out the rest here.

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