Mike Hatch's daughter and the whole truth about her 2005 trial: Comment of the day

Comment of the day: Eric M. Larson on Anne Hatch.

Comment of the day: Eric M. Larson on Anne Hatch.

We noted Monday that Anne Hatch, daughter of former state Attorney General Mike Hatch, was found dead in Chicago, apparently from suicide.

The last time Anne Hatch was in the news, she had been arrested outside a Chicago nightclub after an altercation with police. We mentioned that. Some commenters thought we shouldn't have.

Eric M. Larson would have liked a more thorough accounting. His version:


I'm all in favor of bringing up the 2005 trial... as long as we're honest about it and do some reporting beyond merely saying "a judge acquitted them" and reporting nothing else.

Anne and Elizabeth weren't merely "acquitted" -- they were vindicated by the judge who noted that the prosecution's witnesses contradicted 1) the police report written at the time of the incident, 2) recorded audio of Elizabeth's arrest, and 3) security video of the incident. That's as close to "they lied!" as you're ever going to get in a court ruling.

The police abused their power, the Hatch women stood up against that abuse, were maliciously prosecuted for it, and were declared innocent in court. The _full_ story is an example of Anne Hatch's bravery and character, but it's hard to find that story today because it's locked behind newspaper pay-walls.

Some of us still remember the court case from when it was a "current event" and the media's selective memory of it today is really frustrating.

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