Miguel Sano is clobbering dingers harder than anyone in baseball

Minnesota Twins slugger Miguel Sano assuring us he'll blast about a billion more homers into the stratosphere

Minnesota Twins slugger Miguel Sano assuring us he'll blast about a billion more homers into the stratosphere Associated Press

Miguel Sano stat-porn is as bountiful on the internet as actual porn.

Consider this doozy from local Twins wonk Aaron Gleeman: 

Whew ... my goodness gracious. 

It's a breakout season for the third-year Twin, who's among the American League leaders in home runs (16, tied for eighth), RBI (48, tied for third), OBP (.391, third), SLG (.589, fourth), and OPS (.979, fifth). And that's all accounting for the 24-year-old slugger's 4-23 slump over the past week. 

Sano tops all MLB hitters in perhaps the most bad-ass category: exit velocity. The muscle-strapped Dominican is blasting taters out of the park with an average velocity of 97.9 miles per hour, reports It's not even close: Aaron Judge, the towering Yankees phenom, clocks in second at 96.8 mph.

In terms of distance, however, Sano ranks 47th overall at 407.2 feet per bomb. That's according to ESPN Home Run Tracker, a stat resource that gets delightfully geeky and detailed with every long ball, tallying the date, pitching victim, distance, speed off bat, wind concerns, and more.

Given the mathematical limitations of my liberal arts degree, let's assume that means Sano is simply lasering balls into the stands at ridiculous speeds, but without much arch. 

Ready for this stat porn to get real? Here's video evidence of the five hardest-jacked dongs Sano smacked through his first 58 games of 2017, courtesy of Home Run Tracker. 

1. 116 mph; 446 ft. (4/13/17)

Sano's three-run homer

Miguel Sano gets all of it as he rips a three-run homer to center field in the top of the 6th inning

2. 112.6 mph; 414 ft. (4/3/17)

Sano's solo blast

Miguel Sano evens the score in the bottom of the 4th as he launches a solo home run into the second level in left on Opening Day

3. 110.1 mph; 424 ft. (4/25/17)

Sano's solo home run

Miguel Sano drills a solo home run to the upper deck in left-center to extend the Twins' lead to 2-0 in the top of the 5th

4. 107.8 mph; 452 ft. (5/2/17)

Sano's mammoth two-run homer

Miguel Sano crushes a colossal two-run home run over the batter's eye and into the center field restaurant section for a 3-0 lead

5. 105.3 mph; 412 ft. (6/7/17)

Sano's long three-run shot

Miguel Sano launches a three-run homer to left-center field, extending the Twins' lead to 5-2 in the 5th inning