Miguel Sano becomes first-ever player to hit a ball to the dang roof of Tropicana Field [VIDEO]

Miguel Sano hit this very ball very, very high at Tropicana Field.

Miguel Sano hit this very ball very, very high at Tropicana Field.

Just days ago, the Minnesota Twins were threatening to send Miguel Sano down to the team's Triple A team in Rochester.

Manager Paul Molitor suggested that demotion might have more to do with Sano's attitude than his mistakes in the field (12 errors) or on the basepaths. Molitor says Sano, perhaps on the advice of his agent, thinks he's "got everything figured out," a notion that's "contrary to what's real." 

Here's what's real: Sano hits the hell out of the ball, and continued to prove as much over the weekend, hitting three home runs against the Tampa Bay Rays, two of them coming in Sunday's 6-3 road win. 

But Sano's most impressive swing Sunday came on an out. In his first at-bat in the top of the first inning, the 23-year-old slugger hit a ball that looked like it went 500 feet straight into the air. Or it would've, if that Tropicana Field roof hadn't gotten in the way.

According to Rays announcers and local...  roof historians, Sano is the first guy, in 26 years of Tropicana Field, to ever hit a ball to the roof. This fact sheet says the roof was built at a slant, with its highest point (225 feet) above second base. That's not far from where Sano hit this ball, which then, improbably, dropped nicely for Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. 

Sano learned his lesson -- hit it out, not up -- by his next at-bat, crushing a three-run jack that traveled 442 feet, and gave the Twins a third-inning lead they wouldn't surrender.

As local seamhead extraordinaire Aaron Gleeman noted, Sano has, to this point in his Twins career (159 games), marked himself out to be the best young power hitter in franchise history. 


It's some pretty strong evidence, but we'd like to make room on Sano's stat-line for one more measurement. RSATFs (Roof Shots At Tropicana Field): 1 (1st, All-Time, Major League Baseball).