Midway Stadium sits on gigantic pile of horse shit, studies say

Midway gives a new meaning to the notion of a "shitty stadium."
Midway gives a new meaning to the notion of a "shitty stadium."

As the St. Paul Saints gear up to move into their new Lowertown digs in time for the 2015 season, the city of St. Paul is beginning to plan for the redevelopment of the Midway Stadium site.

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One factor making that effort a little more difficult is the recent revelation that the 30-year-old stadium was built on a huge ass pile of horse crap.

Before it became Midway Stadium, the site served as a dumping ground for garbage and waste from the nearby state fairgrounds.

"One of the things that was dumped there was horse manure," St. Paul Port Authority President Louis Jambois told the Pioneer Press. "And horse manure doesn't turn into good dirt. It turns into methane and some solids."

Digging out the shitty fairground detritus, which extends from four to 21 feet underground throughout the site, and replacing it with more stable soil could push redevelopment costs to the high end of the $3 to $5 million range already identified by officials, the PiPress reports.

Many think Midway is a shitty stadium, but who knew that was literally true?

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