Midtown Greenway crime alert issued


Photo by Micah Taylor

Police issued a crime alert for the popular commuter trail, the Midtown Greenway, after a series of armed robberies targeting bicyclists on the route, according to the Star Tribune.

Most of the attacks happened at night, but some have also been during the day.  

More from the Strib:

In most cases, the victims are pushed off their bikes, then robbed of wallets, backpacks and purses. Police say more than one group may be responsible and that knives and a gun have been used in the attacks. Police said that most of the attacks happened at night, although some have happened during the day.

Several attacks also have been reported along the LRT trail that connects with the greenway at the Sabo suspension bridge.

Police warned users to try to avoid the routes at night and to travel in groups when possible.